Be confident sending your work to print​

Hi, I'm Elora Wilson.

I’m a communications professional with over five years of experience writing and working in the communications industry.

I know that getting your point across in a concise and personable manner doesn’t always come easy and I’m passionate about helping people put their best foot forward.

Whether it’s a one-time thing or an ongoing arrangement, if you’ve got the ideas, I’ve got the attention to detail covered – let’s work together!

Elora Wilson Headshot

Why choose Dot Point Proofreading & Editing?

We’re proud to be a finalist in The Clever Copywriting Awards 2022, so you can rest assured knowing your work is in capable hands.
You save valuable time and energy that you can invest in growing your business (instead of spending it reading and rereading your work looking for errors).
You have peace of mind, knowing that the work you’re presenting to your clients is of an excellent standard.
You can build your reputation as a writer who consistently delivers high-quality, error-free work.