Meet your proofreader & editor.

Hi, I’m Elora Wilson. Elora Wilson Headshot

I’m a communications professional with over five years of experience working in writing and communications. I have a Bachelor of Journalism and Bachelor of Arts, so know what it’s like to be both the writer and the editor. 

In my corporate roles, I’m known for my attention to detail and my excellent grasp of written tone. I know that getting your point across in a concise and personable manner doesn’t always come easy and I’m passionate about helping people put their best foot forward.

Your writing is often your foot-in-the-door introduction to clients — it’s important it reflects the quality and standard of work you intend to continue delivering.

So, if you’re the type of person who sees the big picture but is frustrated by the small stuff, or you don’t feel like you can adequately get your personality across in your writing, I’d love to work with you.